Thursday, October 15, 2009


they gave wings to this devil
stripped me of my shackles
set to fly just like an angel
this loser of the battle
along with mass graves
filled collection plates
with the most righteous of aid
I struggled to get away

on these ratlines, holding hands with Odessa
baptize your most violent son ratlines, holding hands with Odessa
sanctuary that helped me to run

they looked away and lofted no blame
I’m rescued in spite of my hate
the same sentiment was conveyed
(they preached) run it!

my war will not be lost new name and I’m across
we’re the first ones off the ship, now
always first ones off the ship
and these men of the cloth
exploited the red for the twisted cross
to help me

I'm hard pressed to think of a more destructive, corrupt and, well, pardon the severity, evil institution than the Catholic Church. Now before I go any further, I feel the need to clarify* - I am not saying that Catholics are evil. By now you know where I stand on religion, but my unbelief has nothing to with thinking I am superior to anyone with faith, nor does it imply that I think a person's worth or intellect should be based on their religious views. That would be stupid. What I'm talking about is the Catholic Church as an institution and the 'they' that I am referring to are the racist, sexist, greedy, vicious, bureaucratic assholes that have been running the ....Vatican.... for centuries. I have nothing but sympathy for people who would put so much trust and love into an institution that has time and again cheated them, lied to them, and harmed them. My mind and heart quiver just trying to imagine the feelings of pain and betrayal the parents of molested children must feel when they learn that the church they have been members of their entire lives actually protects and enables their children's abusers.
But let's move on, this song has nothing to do with the hundreds of thousands of children that have been raped by priests. Good bit of anti-theist propaganda though. How scummy of me. No, Ratlines is about an entirely different fucked up thing the Catholic Church did. To some of you this is old news, I only learned about eight months ago. In post WWII Europe it wasn’t that easy to be a Nazi. Chances are that if you were an Eichman or a Mengele you were wanted for your crimes against humanity. That’s what happens when you try to kill several million people but fail to win the war. After Hitler took the pussy’s way out and plastered his brains to a wall, the majority of his underlings tried to run to South America, and a number of them (particularly the higher profile douche bags like Eichman, Mengle, and Barbie) were able to, thanks to the system of escape routes that came to be known as Ratlines. Some of the most successful Ratlines were run out of the Vatican, the most well known of which were operated by Bishop Alonis Hudal (the first priest to dedicate himself to the cause of saving Nazi war criminals), and later by Father Kurnoslav Draganovic. The Vatican denies that its higher ranking officials knew anything about what men like Hudal and Draganovic were up to but fairly recent courtroom testimonies from US Intelligence officers and recently uncovered documents indicate that Bishop Giovanni Battista Montini (yes, that’s the cunt that became Pope Paul VI) not only knew about what was going on, but can be linked to the theft of Holocaust victims’ property.
This is not the only sketchiness surrounding the Catholic Church and WWII (Pope Pius XII did remain notoriously silent during the holocaust, essentially ignoring the cloud of burnt flesh that hung over ..Europe) but the Vatican Ratlines, for me anyway, take the cake. Here, you have some the most evil men of the 20th century, committing what is regarded to be one of, if not the, most evil crime of the 20th century, and the fucking church helps these assholes escape from punishment. That’s just fucking brutal – they helped Josef Mengele (a man that dissected live infants, injected blue dye into the eyeballs of prisoners, and castrated men and young boys, all without administering a drop of anesthetic) escape. That’s just evil, plain and simple. What’s worse is it made the Vatican rich, as millions in stolen money found its way into their bank.

*Morons are prone to miss the point. If I don't explain myself thoroughly, the next thing I know our MySpace inbox will be crammed full of hate mail. Experience tells me these messages would read something like this: 'fuck you, you bald fruit. I’m a fucking catholic and I’m not fucking evil. Fuck your boyfriend and die of AIDS and burn in hell, you fucking homo!' so, yeah, here I’m talking about the institution and its hierarchy - the shepherds not the sheep.

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  1. This is disgusting. I personally see that Religion has been very beneficial in the past, but the fact that it has still existed and been prominent through the last hundred years or so is astounding to me. It is infuriating even thinking about how much power institution such as the Catholic Church (the most murderous cult of all history) continue to have today, and how the psychological ("spiritual") manipulation of children especially continues the go either unnoticed or met with apathy.

    Sometimes, I'm surprised that these lyrics aren't backed with crusty Grindcore. But then I'm glad they're not, seeing as you happen to be very good at what you do.